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Everybody wants to be a cat. [open RP times!]

Jun. 21st, 2010 | 11:26 pm
mood: amusedamused

You don't go to the animal shelter to browse. No. It simply doesn't work that way - not when so many pairs of eyes are staring up with looks of pretty please and pick me. But, Zach felt certain he was just going to go and look around - maybe play with a puppy or two.

Certain, indeed.

So certain that $125 dollars later, he was now the owner of a two-year-old, sandy/orange tabby named Oliver. He never even made it to the dogs like he planned. He wasn't entirely sure how a cat would fit into life as he knew it - he'd never actually lived with a cat before. He made sure to pick up a copy of Cats for Dummies when he picked up the necessarily supplies at the pet store - an amusing addition to his usual books.

So much for the browsing, the plan, and the certainty. 

Zach has a cat. 

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Oh, Danny boy...

Jun. 1st, 2010 | 02:01 am

[an email from Nichols to Ross. Seriously.]

To:  daniel.ross@nypd.nyc.gov
From: z.nichols@nypd.nyc.gov
Subject: STAT, ASAP, and any other important sounding acronyms - having a personal crisis here

Did you know that Det. Logan has apparently had relations - and I use that term very seriously - with just about anything with legs in this city? To include Amelia? As in my Amelia? Well, she isn't mine anymore because we've gone our separate ways, but that's beside the point. It's for the best anyway. I've been told the best options to find a new someone that hasn't been involved with Logan in his pre-Millie days would be to find someone who hasn't lived here. 

This is why I have a problem. I don't know these things. I find these things out by going to a bar which was on all counts a bad idea in the first place. So now I know that all things female are either tainted by Logan or otherwise unavailable. This is just ridiculous. I took that hiatus to find the meaning of life and to discover food, which I did, but now I'm here, slowly creeping toward the wrong side of middle aged and single. Is this where we thought we'd be when we started out? ....I'm starting to think I ought to copy Skoda on this thing, but then I'll owe him dinner and that man is not a cheap date. 

So, I've noticed there are some empty desks around here lately. Not many. Not even a few. Okay, so maybe like one, sometimes. That's enough for you to recruit someone. A pretty someone.....who isn't from here. This will benefit you in the end. It will keep me from making any other awkward, drunken, mistaken passes at Det. Wheeler, and it will keep me from ever bringing this subject up ever again. Come on, buddy, pal, Bossman Fro? Help me Danny-wan Kenobi, you're my only hope? .....come on, I really don't want to buy Skoda dinner. 


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the bunkbed fight.

May. 6th, 2010 | 01:38 am

[OOC: Whee! Random Zach!fic. YAY! So, in the Abel & Willing episode.........there's this scene that mentions Zach having an older brother and how they got bunkbeds from their uncle. I had to write a fic. Because, little-kid-Zach-Nichols? OMG. Amusing. Like whoa.]

“Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooom! Make Zachary leave me alone!”

God. Jeremy Nichols has the whiniest voice. The irony is that it never improved with age.

Jeremy is the eldest, by four-and-a-half years, a fact which he often rubs in Zachary’s face. Zachary can find ways to get out of trouble because he’s clever, for a kid anyway, but he can’t change the birth order. It irks him, especially at key moments in which Jeremy gets to pull the but-I’m-the-oldest card.

Like now.

“Zachary Levi Nichols!”

He winced. He always winces when his mother uses his full name. She doesn’t yell. It’s that stern tone that requires a prompt response, otherwise she will come to him which never ends well. His parents are both therapists. He doesn’t like the couch; it’s that place where he has to sit and talk about his feelings, and he’s just a kid.

He sits on the couch and folds his arms across his chest in a huff, “I said I wanted to be called Zach now, Mom.” He tries to be calm. Temper tantrums only mean more time will be spent on the couch. “Zachary sounds too much like Jeremy.”

“Okay, Zach,” his mother says in that gentle, rehearsed therapist tone. “Now, tell me, why were you fighting with your brother?”

“Because he got the top bunk, and it isn’t fair,” and he pouts at this. But he’s only seven, he’s allowed to pout. “He said that it’s because he’s the oldest and that you said he can have it. It’s not fair!”

“Zach, life isn’t always fair,” and Zach is already trying to tune her out. “I want you to think about something. Can you trust me and do that?” He nods. “Your brother is eleven now. He should be leaps and bounds taller than you. However, here you are, growing up so fast, almost his height. At this rate, you’ll hit a growth spurt and be much taller than Jeremy.”

Zachary’s eyes widen. “Really, Mom?”

“It’s a logical probability, and from that, we can safely say that if you get the top bunk and are taller, you’ll end up bumping your head on the ceiling,” she explains, and Zach absorbs all this information. “Let your brother have the top bunk and take comfort in the fact that he will look up to you for the majority of his life once your growth spurt hits.”

It takes a few minutes for all of this to process in Zach’s mind, but suddenly he leaps to his feet and hugs his mother.

All is well in the world for about three minutes – the length of time it takes Zach to get from the living room, back upstairs, to locate Jeremy and announce that he would be taller and there was nothing Jeremy could do about it.

“Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom! Zach’s doing it again!”

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You could end up with me. Oops.

Jan. 31st, 2010 | 03:33 pm

Caspers doesn't win father of the century. No. No way. But is it wrong that I understand him? This would give my father a field day. Maybe his kid wouldn't have turned out that way if things had been different. This is why I'm not having kids. Some poor kid could end up with me. Oops.

She didn't have to die though - his kid, Marta,Brigitte. She was coming around. The sniper didn't need to...and in front of Caspers? Right there? It's like, hey, let's have a nice, stressful chat about all the ways you failed her as a father then just when you might have possibly redeemed yourself for a moment, oops, the FBI sniper shoots your kid. It wasn't even an oops - the FBI wanted to shoot her before I ever started talking.

It's hard to get the image out of my head though. She had that break, that moment of humanity where she was just a kid crying for her father, then the next moment she's dead in my arms. At least she didn't die a revolutionary. She died just a kid - a complicated kid with some monster tendencies, but a kid. There's some comfort in that, I guess.

Definitely no kids for me, for their sake.

ooc: zomg! It's the first post I've done that's post-episode! I just re-watched Revolution, and the end gets me every time, so Zach is here if anyone wants to chat him up - he might be a little angsty though.

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field trip! [for ada_rubirosa]

Jan. 19th, 2010 | 11:21 pm

 Confused....was an understatement. He had no idea why he was going on an outing. Usually, Zach Nichols knows why he's headed to Hogan Place because as he recalled in previous days it usually meant he was in trouble. Today? He's a bit out of sorts. He knows it's important and urgent and that there's a nice place to stop for coffee on the way back. 

Oh, and he's going because the Captain told him to. That implies trouble, but he really didn't do anything this time. 

Apparently, there's some sort of dispute presently going on. Something between interview one and a suspect's house and a kid in danger and....it's complicated. In fact, it's complicated enough that the Captain decided to make Nichols the Major Case gopher. He doesn't mind in this situation. There's a kid in trouble, and at the end of the day, it's Detective Nichols who gets to be a hero. And Danny boy? Oh, he still gets to bark orders, but he doesn't get to play hero since he sent Nichols on the field trip. 

He assumes, of course, that with his badge all fancy and gleaming combined with the fact that he's aimlessly wandering around the large building with a very important file in hand that surely someone would perhaps stop and point him in the direction of the appropriate ADA. However, people are busy, and since they happen to be so busy, Nichols with his limited attention span hadn't managed to successfully locate Ms. Casey Novak. They ought to have little signs or arrows or maybe even a map. Or, better yet, Danny could let him have a partner already - someone who knows where their ADA's office is. But then, that was the side purpose of this field trip. Danny said that Zach wouldn't be able to even remember where Hogan Place was - well, that's already been proven wrong. However.....

He does find someone sitting at her desk - a pretty someone, in fact! The name on the desk doesn't imply Novak in the slightest, but he doesn't mind at all. He hopes she's friendly; he vaguely remembers once upon a time making some legal types a little irked which got a young Zach and Danny into some trouble.....anyway, he can't stand in the doorway and have odd flashbacks; that would make him creepy and old, which he isn't. 

"Hello," he says, and he might be crossing his fingers behind his back to keep himself out of trouble. "You wouldn't happen to know where I could find Ms. Casey Novak, would you? I'll be honest. I've been wandering around, but I have this file for colleague in Major Case....kid in trouble, bad stuff. It's urgent, and-" he pauses, and he really tries to not get himself in trouble with anyone associated with a legal department because that often ends in pain and jail time, "you have lovely eyes." 

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First Day - wandering around....

Dec. 18th, 2009 | 03:35 pm
mood: chipperchipper

He’s supposed to be getting comfortable in his new desk. He’s never understood what that’s supposed to mean exactly. There’s nothing comfortable about it anyway. He has, however, discovered the trick to leaning his chair back against the filing cabinet without slamming his knee into the desk. It only took seven tries to get the hang of it. He’s even arranged his few personal items. His coffee mug is sitting proudly on the desk as if it’s actually happy to have a home now. Aside from the coffee mug, none of his personal items give anything away. No photographs or nostalgic things litter his space. Even his mug is a bland shade, but it has a dainty handle and a saucer (which has already been tucked into a drawer to avoid mockery from Ross). He has one of those silly stress balls, mostly because he enjoys having something to toss around but he can be clumsy when he gets distracted. A stress ball is light and won’t injure anyone should it get thrown by mistake. There’s a jar of jelly-belly jellybeans which he thought about storing in his drawer, but they’re colorful, so he decides they can sit out and invite mockery and company.

He played on the work laptop for awhile and was pleasantly amused at the fact that the standard issue machine wasn’t so bad. He thinks Windows 7 was his idea, after all. He did consider putting up an obnoxious screensaver to say “Zach wuz here!” and password it with “bossman fro” just for giggles, but he’s content that he’s met his annoyance quota for the day with Danny. He still can’t believe he has probation on the first day, but at least he doesn’t have to keep wearing that visitor’s pass. He has his badge and his gun, and for that, he will try not to be a bother…at least until after lunch. He makes no promises if he happens to remember the way to the medical examiner’s office. Just for something to do, he looks up Rogers in the database and is amused that she happens to be a blonde. He wonders if she can really have more fun cutting on dead people and dating Danny. Poor thing; they ought to be friends.

He’s only met Eames, so far. She was nice, and he’s a bit sad she has a partner. He thinks they would get along like peanut butter and jelly, saving the world from bad guys and all. She worked in Vice too, so she wouldn’t be outright opposed to superhero costumes, right? Even so, she has a partner. He really can’t believe Ross didn’t assign him one yet. He wonders if this is part of the supposed probation thing and kind of feels inclined to research it, but he’s got to wait awhile before doing something that obnoxious – at least until next week, in case it blows up in his face. Still, he’s got a whole department and building to explore on his first day. Ross told him to get comfortable and behave himself. He can do that…to the best of his ability.

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My rickety desk.

Dec. 17th, 2009 | 12:47 am
mood: annoyedannoyed

My desk creaks. 

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